True Blue Aussie Beef Recipes

Aussies LOVE their Beef. This page is devoted to Aussie Beef Recipes - whether it's barbequed, braised, fried, casseroled, stewed - it's all the same to us.

Most of us grew up on the proverbial "meat and 3 vege" meals, and thank the Lord, this has changed significantly with the introduction of other cultures into our country.

The below Diagram shows the available cuts of Beef:

Below I will be placing Beef recipes - some from days of old, from family notes and old recipe books - all tried and tested in my own kitchen. Others I have included from friends and neighbours who are happy to share - who have had them handed down through their own families.


Do you have a Favourite Beef Recipe to share?

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Beef and Mushroom Casserole

Veal Scaloppine

Beef Wellington

Cabbage Rolls

Beef And Eggplant Casserole

Beef Stroganoff with video

Tripe Nancy

Greek Stew

Beef Burgundy

Veal Pie

Eggplant Steak

Beef In Beer

Sweet Beef Curry

Pineapple Steak


Oxtail Stew

Rump Steak And Olive Casserole

Pot Roast (withTomatoes and Onions)

Chili Con Carne

Braised Rump

Rump Steak And Kidney Pie

Ragout Of Beef

Beef And Beer Casserole

Steak Stew

Veal Cooked With Shallots


Mexican Beef Casserole

Veal Fricassee

Savoury Cheese Ring

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