True Blue Aussie Confectionery

There are so many sweets and confectionery items available commercially these days, that we tend to forget the delights from days of old.

I will be placing many old recipes, and some brilliant new recipes, on this page over the coming weeks and months - for those of you who have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Home-made sweets are by no means difficult to make, and good results may be obtained with little specialised equipment. The only item which is almost essential is a sugar-boiling thermometer, though even this may be dispensed with for very simple sweets, and for uncooked fondants and marzipan sweets.

The majority of sweets, however, are made by cooking a sugar mixture to a certain temperature. The sugar is dissolved in water and brought to the boil, as it is further heated, water evaporates and the temperature rises.

Imagine the looks on your children's and grandchildren's faces when you produce the most delectable sweets imaginable - in your own kitchen.

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General Rules for Sugar Boiling

Now making sweets at home can get a little tricky, so I'm including some general rules before you start.

Use a strong, heavy pan, large enough to prevent syrup boiling over (especially important for fudges).

Dissolve all sugar before allowing syrup to boil.

Once boiling point is reached, do not stir the syrup unless specially directed to do so.

Brush down the sides of the pan with cold water to prevent crystallisation.

Take the thermometer reading at eye level.

As soon as the correct temperature is reached, stand the pan on a cool part of the stove, without shaking it.

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Boiled Fondant

Fruit Creams

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Vanilla Fudge

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Uncooked Chocolate Fudge

Honey Fudge

Orange Fudge

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