Boiled Fondant

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1/4 pint water (generous measure)

1 oz glucose or a pinch of cream of tartar

1 lb granulated sugar


Put the water into a pan, add the sugar and allow it to dissolve slowly, then bring to the boil.

Add the glucose or cream of tartar and boil to 240°F.

Pour the boiled fondant syrup on to a slab and allow it to cool for a few minutes until a skin starts to form. If no marble slab is available, let the syrup cool in a bowl for about 15 minutes and then work it until it is thick.

Using one or two palette knives, collect up the mixture,then continue to work it with a forward-and-back movement till stiff enough to handle.

When the fondant becomes opaque and firm, scrape it up and knead well, until it is an even texture throughout.

Roll out on a slab dredged with icing sugar, and cut. For pin-wheels, roll up layers of two colours, and slice.

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