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Hi everyone, and welcome to Aussie True Blue Recipes.


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and that you have been enjoying the festivities of the Holiday Season.

I have had a very busy 6 months - moving house and settling in AND establishing a new business "Cupcakes from Heaven" which will be specializing in designer cupcakes and Wedding Cakes. If you would like to see what this entails, pop into my facebook page and have a look:

I've also been busy in the kitchen testing some more of the old recipes passed down to me, perfecting them so that they will work "first time, every time" - it's my plan to upload the new recipes (some with videos) in the near future.

Thanks everyone for your continued support - without you using my recipes, and giving me your feedback - this site would resemble more of a blog than a reliable recipe website :o).

My baking Channel has recently been sponsored by Kitchenware Direct, and I'm really over the moon about this, as it allows me to showcase some recipes that I may not have been able to without their assistance. If you're looking for affordable kitchenware, bakeware of dinnerware - I've placed a link to their website on my "Promoted Links" page for your convenience.

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This website will be a living site, with recipes being added on an ongoing and regular basis. From soups and appetizers, main dishes and desserts - I have thousands of handwritten cooking instructions handed down through the generations in my family (currently 6th generation Aussies).

In addition, I was lucky to live in a small outback Queensland town for several years - and became friendly with many women who were outstanding country cooks - most of whom shared their techniques and family favourites with me.

Because Australia is a multi-cultural country, you will find that many of my "true blue Aussie" recipes have been influenced by many other cultures. Different flavours, spices and methods - have combined to make a "true blue" dish that will absolutely delight you and your family or guests.

Best of all - they're 100% FREE.


The "Australia" Page:

I love this sunburned country, and if you're interested in learning more about the place I am lucky enough to call "home", please visit my page entitled "Australia" which also includes a link to the Department of Immigration (in case you would like to visit or holiday here).

YOUR Recipes:

Don't forget to contribute any of your own true blue recipes - c'mon, it's downright un-Australian not to share your best-kept secets. Go to the YOUR Recipes page, and let the world see your recipes to success in the kitchen. Don't forget to add your name, so you can take all of the credit.

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I welcome and look forward to receiving any feedback on any of the dishes in the following pages, and hope that you enjoy them as much as my family have over the years.

Happy Cooking!!