Take your Moulding Paste and roll it out thinly. Using the Gypsophila flower cutter, cut out the flowers.

Lay the flower on your index finger and use a fluting tool (I use a round toothpick)to roll side to side on each petal. This will thin and broaden the petals slightly. Take care to avoid the centre of the flower as this is required to be a little thicker than the petals.

Lay face down on the soft foram, and using a small ball tool (I use a pin head), press either side of each petal. turn over and press gently in the centre to cup the flower.

Wait a few minutes, and then insert a green stamen through the centre of the flower.

For a better grip, slightly twist the stamen as the head goes into the icing.

Stand flower in florists foam, or in a small flower holder to dry.

When dry, paint a green calyx on the back using thin green royal icing. To finish, dust a little extra green chalk in the centre.

These flowers look great with dark red or burgundy roses - but of course, as a filler flower you can mix them with any large flower at all - or simply on their own, or with other filler flowers.

You can make them any colour at all to suit the theme of your cake.

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