Roll your moulding paste out thinly. Cut out your flowers.

Rest the flower on your index finger, and use a fluting tool (I use a rounded toothpick) to roll from side to side on each petal, thinning the edges and slightly broadening each petal.

Place face up on foam, and press in the centre with a ball tool (I use a pin head for this flower) and notice how some of the petals will lift, giving the flower "movement". Wait a few minutes, and if it is a small daisy, insert a large stamen in the centre, twisting it slightly as the head goes into the paste. Sit the flower in florists foam to dry (or filler flower holder) to dry before painting a calyx at the back of the flower in green royal icing. Finish by gently chalking a touch of colour in the centre, and a complimentary shade on some of the petals.

For a Double Daisy:

Proceed as for the above single daisy, to the fluting and use of ball tool - for two cut out flowers. Then simply make up by placing a small dot of flower glue into the centre of the base petals, and lay the second set on top - taking care to alternate the petals.

Press firmly in the centre with a ball tool (I use a pin head), and finish either with a pollen centre, or a large stamen if the flower is only small.

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