Ribbon Insertion


Ribbon Insertion is a beautiful, elegant technique used in Cake Decorating with fondant. With only a little practice, you will be able to master this technique, and impress your friends and family - who will probably think that you have "sewn" the ribbon through the icing....

It's just an illusion.

To start with, once your cake is covered in fondant - you need to give the cake at least two days to dry before attempting this technique, so make sure you allow yourself time.

If you plan on doing the ribbon insertion on the top, as I have shown in my Christmas Cake (partly finished) above, you will need something round in which to trace a faint line onto the cake. Similarly, if you are to apply this technique to the side edge of a cake, you will need to trace a faint line so that your ribbon stays in a nice straight line - perhaps using a protractor or a ruler.

Once you have the faint line marked, using a Ribbon Insertion tool, cut a line into the fondant that is slightly wider than the width of the ribbon. Use the Ribbon Insertion tool to gently guide an inch-long piece of the ribbon into the cut. Make another cut about half an inch from the first, and guide the other end of the ribbon into this cut.

Using your finger, gently rub the visible part of the ribbon to encourage it to flatten against the icing, and the two ends to settle into the fondant.

This technique may take a little bit of practice, but as I said - it is well worth persevering with and mastering the technique - as the effect is truly stunning.

Please do see my video below, which will properly show you my instructions..

Ribbon Insertion - Video Demonstration

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