Potato Bake


This Potato Bake is so easy, and so delicious, that I have quickly whipped up a videoclip to show how quickly and easily it can be prepared. Be careful though - you will have your children's friends dropping in around dinnertime forevermore once they've sampled this dish in particular.

Washed potatoes (enough to fill your dish when sliced)


French Onion Soup mix


If you have the clean-skinned potatoes, washed well, you won't need to peel them. Slice the potatoes (not too thick - about 3mm slices)and layer them in a scallop fashion in your serving dish until you reach about 1cm from the top.

Combine Cream and French Onion Soup mix in a jug, and slowly pour over the potato slices - try to ensure that the cream mixture goes in between the potatoes and doesn't just sit on top.

Bake the Potato Bake in a moderate oven (180°C) for about one hour, or when the top of the Potatoes are a golden brown colour.

This dish is wonderful served on its own as a light lunch, or accompanying steak or chops.

Potato Bake - Video Demonstration

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