Golden Staircase Pie

Another beautiful old-school dessert recipe, this Golden Staircase Pie will make your mouth water..


First Layer:

Juice of 1 large lemon

pulp of 2 passionfruit

7 oz condensed milk

Second Layer:

Juice and rind of 1 lemon

juice and rind of 1 orange

1 tablespoon of custard powder

1 tablespoon of cornflour

4 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon butter



1 cup of milk

3 dessertspoons cornflour

pinch salt

2 oz butter

2 tablespoons castor sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla


passionfruit pulp


First Layer:

Blend lemon juice and passionfruit pulp with condensed milk. Spread into cooled pastry case, chill.

Second Layer:

Add to orange and lemon juice enough water to fill 8 oz measuring cup. Place in saucepan with grated rinds, bring to boil.

Blend custard powder, cornflour and sugar with enough water to makea smooth paste; add boiling liquid slowly, stirring constantly, add butter and return to saucepan.

Stir over low heat for 3 minutes. Allow to cool, stirring occasionally to prevent skin forming.

Spread eveninly over first layer.


Put milk in saucepan, heat gently. Blend cornflour and salt to a smooth paste with little water. Pour on boiling milk very slowly, stirring all the time.

Stir over low heat for 3 minutes. Cover with damp cloth, stir occasionally till cool.

Cream butter and sugar until white and fluffy then beat in cooled custard mixture a little at a time, adding vanilla during mixing.

Spread over filling in pastry case. Chill Well. Just before serving spoon over extra passionfruit pulp.

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