Flaky Pastry


8 oz flour

a pinch of salt

5-6 oz lard and margarine, mixed

cold water to mix

A squeeze of lemon juice


Add the salt to the flour, and sieve them into a convenient-sized mixing bowl.

Soften the lard and the margarine, blending thoroughly together with a broad-bladed knife.

Divide softened fat into quarters, and rub one portion into the sieved flour and salt.

Mix an elastic dough with about 1/4 pint cold water, adding a squeeze of lemon juice.

Place the dough on a floured board and roll it out into an oblong, keeping the sides straight.

"Flake" one quarter of fat in small pieces over two-thirds of the dough - that is, put small blobs of the fat mixture equally over the dough.

Dredge teh entire surface with flour and fold the bottom third up, and the top third down.

Turn pastry to bring folded edge to the right hand side. Repeat rolling, flaking and folding twice more.

When all the fat is incorporated fully, roll and fold once more.

This pastry improves if it is made the day before needed. Otherwise, leave it in a cool place for an hour before use.