Cakes By Jo

This page will be totally devoted to "Cakes By Jo" - those cakes that I have personally designed and created.

To keep up to date with fashion, styles and the latest trends, I will only include cakes from this date onwards - that incorporate the techniques that I have currently included on this website, and on my YouTube Channel.

Christmas Cakes (2011)

1) This Christmas Cake was made for a friend, and contains several different Cake Decorating techniques: Garrett Frill(double); Ribbon Insertion; Snails Trail.

2) The bouquet contains Christmas blossoms (the larger flower), accompanied by filler flowers - Jasmine, Blossom and Primrose - coloured in keeping with the Christmas theme. Sprigs of Holly & Berries were also added throughout the bouquet.

3) The Ribbon Loops in the Bouquet are made from the same Ribbon used in the Ribbon Insertion for continuity, and adds a particular spark to the cake.

This Christmas Cake is very elegant - and yet very simple to achieve. The techniques used are: Cornelli embroidery over the entire cake; and a Fondant Icing Ribbon. Both of these techniques can be achieved by the beginning Cake Decorator, and used with a wide embossed ribbon, make the cake look like a Million Dollars.